Health is Wealth

My coaching prices start at $150 and can be customized to your specific concerns. I do not believe in a one size fits all approach as well are all unique. My goal is to find what works for YOU, and get you the results you desire. 


Intro Plan

My intro plan includes an initial consultation followed by customized macros ($150) diet guidance, and the option to have a fully personalized 7 day meal plan ($300).


GYB Membership

Memberships require a 3-6 month commitment and come with various options. Full diet plan support and updated recipes every month start at $275, with the option to include a full shopping and food prep lesson day each month for an additional $300 (also sold separately).

Couples options, fitness plans and personal training add-ons are also available upon request. 


Personal Training

Personal training sessions are 45 minutes in length and a combination of strength training and HIIT for maximum results. Training at CVAC and Tehama is also available for members.

$75 home sessions

$85 outside of Monterey

Group Training:

2 people -$50 per person
3 people-$40 per person
4 people or more $30 a person