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I am a Certified Personal Trainer and lifestyle coach from Vancouver, Canada now living in Monterey, California.

My vast work experience covers a broad range of jobs that fed my love and curiosity for health and food. I spent many years as a producer for the Discovery Channel and Discovery Health, worked for ResearchGate in Berlin, owned an underground restaurant in Toronto, taught cooking classes at the Dirty Apron in Vancouver, worked a variety of cooking and catering jobs, as well as wrote, produced for, and starred on Food Network! 

My coaching business grew organically from people asking me for help with their diets, and my love of fitness blossomed when I discovered how strength training could transform my body and calm me emotionally.

I have competed and placed in an NPC Bikini Competition and am competing in a natural show this year!

I am NASM Certified Personal Training certified, and have completed a full internship as well as full-time work experience at the Alpha Project, learning from the best coaches on the Monterey Peninsula. 

I am currently also completing my certification with Precision Nutrition.

These days you can find me at CVAC, Tehama, and with my incredible private clients empowering them to be their best.

You can reach me at for any inquiries.