Happy Clients


The relationship I have with food and the view I have of my body has completely transformed because she opened my eyes to what is REAL, not some societal standard that might be achievable but would never be maintainable. Gillian has made me realize that I am strong, I am capable and that my goals don't have to include shrinking but rather expanding.

— meagan

You're the best coach I ever had! My endurance has improved, muscle mass is up and body fat down. I feel amazing.

— nadine

Summer Strong was just what I needed to push me to make the lifestyle changes I wanted to make! 3 months on and I am feeling so strong and focused!! So much has changed since we started. I have made immense progress, much of which cannot be captured in a photo. Counting macros has been a game changer and Im enjoying meal prep more so than ever. I love feeling full and in control of my eating habits and still being able to eat what I love. My workouts have intensified, I'm laughing more, stressing less and really looking forward to the summer and beyond.

— aimee b

Gillian has changed my life from the first class I took with her. Her positivity and motivation is infectious and unparalleled!

— michael g


Gillian's approach to health and wellbeing is revolutionary. She has led me masterfully home to my body. Her knowledge is vast and she customized my plan to match my very unique needs. Presented entirely with compassion and love. She has created magic in my life and in relationship to my body.

— lisa m

Gillian’s warm support and encouragement, her deep knowledge and love of food, and her focussed attention to our individual habits and needs were crucial to the success of this program for us.  We will always be grateful to her.

— vera and robin

Gillian is the first person who made me think about the food I’m putting in my body. Her approach has been kind, gentle, and catered exactly to my lifestyle. Her fun focus on fitness and emphasis on finding balance in life changed my outlook completely. She is not just a health and fitness coach, but a lifestyle coach who’s wholehearted approach to your mind/body  leaves you feeling empowered, inspired, and joyful. 

— tara g (actor and superstar)

What Gillian offers you is more than just a meal plan or an ex schedule. She wants to know you. Find out about who you are and what you love. What are your strengths and what needs some TLC. From there she motivates you with her kindness, her humour and her genuine desire to pay it forward in the way of health and well being! 


Gillian is an excellent coach.  She was inspiring, compassionate and non-judgemental.  Her words of encouragement kept me going on tough days and she always recommended solutions that were practical and realistic.  Most importantly, she didn't use a one size fits all approach and took the time to really understand me before creating an action plan.  I'm very happy with what I was able to achieve with Gillian!


I loved taking Gillian's Summer Strong program. She provided me with everything I needed to start tracking my weight loss and nutrition goals. Gillian provides a very hands on approach and was always quick to respond to my many, many questions. I highly recommend connecting with Gillian if you want to get a kick-start on a healthier lifestyle that is fad free. 

- Amanda

To name all the things I have learned from Gillian in such a sort time would be endless.  Her knowledge, her ease in motivating and her ability to encourage and guide you while also understanding the day to day obstacle that we face is a true art.  She has provided me simple and easy tools to take control over my nutrition and exercise habits but more importantly, she has made me a believer in doing it for the right reason.  This outlook helped me finally understand and integrate a whole living lifestyle as the big picture and not just a scale number.  This approach has found to be more life changing then anything else I have ever tried in the past and coming from my background as a past high performance athlete that says alot.  Even months later, I find myself using her tools, recommendations and approach everyday.

I recommend Gillian to anyone wanting to implement a lifestyle change no matter how big or small with the hope for longevity and life long health both physically and mentally.  She truly has a gift that is so valuable.


Gillian's approach is not cookie-cutter - she takes the time to get to know you and your current situation, so she can help make your goals achievable and realistic. As a new mom, who recently re-joined the workforce this was vital for me. I had this idea that in order to achieve my postpartum health and fitness goals I had to be very strict with myself, if I missed a workout or over-indulged I had completely fallen off-course. Gillian helps you with a more gentle, holistic and long-term view of your overall health. She crafts nutrition and fitness plans that truly fit into your life, not that your life has to fit into.


Gillian’s Mission and Vision really touches me in a deep, and meaningful way.

Moreover, since I began the “GYB Experience,” it has really brought “light,” to my life in several ways.

Not only have I begun the road to naturally healing my back issues, I have also begun the path of learning how to eat healthier and more natural.

In addition to addressing my physical challenges, poor posture, back pain, and poor core muscle development, I also found an amazing community at GYB.

I have actually felt listened to, heard, understood, and even comforted and cared for by the amazing community at GYB.

The final, and most important part for me, is that GYB focuses on the whole self; Movement, Nutrition, and Mental Health. This for me is important, as I have always seen my experience lifting weights as a more meditative, mindful practice, that allows me to calm the stress storm, and bring me back down to earth, to allow me to live and breathe in the moment.
— Ken