A community of individuals giving their best.

GYB Strength is an open support network for those looking to empower, inspire, and give back through health and fitness.


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The world of health and fitness can often seem intimidating to those who need it the most. GYB Strength is fitness without fad, judgment, or segregation. It encourages each individual’s unique passion and provides useful tools to reach one’s goals.


Birthplace: Monterey, California.

Next stop: The world.





Creator. Visionary. Leader. Gym mom.

On a mission to empower others.

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Strong female. Strength Coach in Training. Yoga Teacher. Lifts all the heavy things and spirits. Expert content creator.

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Personal Trainer for the elite. Athlete. Entrepreneur.

Breaks mental and physical barriers like no other.

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Client Relations & Account Coordinator. Spiritual badass. Bodybuilder. Empath. Soul saver.





Hard worker, jack of all trades, crossfitter, fencing coach, aerial circus learner, martial artist, and spartan racer.

In her words: ‘Being a part of GYB is my support network. For me, fitness isn’t always easy. It comes down to wanting to keep going, to doing more than surviving. I have shown myself that I can survive, so what it comes down to now is thriving and being the best version of myself. Growing up, I was always the kid picked last for the sports team. For the first 5 years of my life, I struggled to walk due to severe muscle tightness and spent over 10 years in an out of doctors and physical therapy for GI issues, deficiencies and chronic muscle pain. At 18, I was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome and at 21, Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The health problems I struggled with most of my life suddenly made sense, and I felt driven to show myself that even with muscular setbacks and a history of health problems I could be as strong as I wanted. I have a long way to go in my journey, but my health concerns don’t hold me back anymore, and the extra work I do is a celebration of my functioning body.’

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Self love queen. Empowering powerhouse. Creative master. Mom. Nurse. Beauty & wellness expert.

In her words: ‘To me Giving Your Best means doing the best thing for you on a day to day basis, no matter how different that looks. I take an intuitive eating & intuitive exercise approach - because the best thing for me differs each day. It involves doing things I might not want to do, because I know it will benefit me in the long term (getting in those greens, putting my phone down & getting to bed early, nightly stretching rituals, etc.). And it also means taking care of my overall health - mind, body, soul. Because I am more than my body, and the rest of me needs care too.

I am motivated by how far I have come & how far I can go. I seek to better my self in all ways possible, and to help others realize that they deserve to love themselves inside & out. I’m choosing me, & I want to inspire & empower individuals to choose themselves’.


Hope Hevey


Military wife, boy mom, lover of all things fitness and plant based.

In her words: Growing up a a ski racer in Maine I learned dedication. Recovering from a life changing injury, a diagnosed eating disorder and depression, I learned strength. Becoming a wife and mother I learned unconditional love.

Discovering the GYB community I learned what it looks like to know your worth. To me, GYB means giving everything I am passionate about my 100%. It means getting up before my son wakes up to get my workout in and clear my mind. It means choosing to meal prep on a Sunday in order to get ahead of the week. It means being proud of and involved in the community I live. It means seeing the honest and powerful good in others and helping them to see it as well.




Jamie Tsuji is a badass powerlifter, body builder, and the creator of Gee Bands and GYB Strength’s incredible headbands that survive any workout.

In her words: ‘Growing up I’ve always been active in one way or another. In my youth I was a gymnast and a soccer player. In my teens I played volleyball, ran a ton, and started competing horses. Now, I power lift, still ride, and have bodybuilding goals. GYB to me is showing up for myself one day at a time, and honoring what is perfect amongst imperfection. Throughout my journey I’ve struggled a lot with injury, eating disorders, body image issues, health problems, and depression, but nothing has, and nothing ever will fully knock me down. If there’s anything I am its resilient, and that! Is GYB!’

Bios and pics coming soon: