One Young Woman's Guide to Paris

One Young Woman's Guide to Paris


Paris was my first love affair.

Paris will grab you by the heart the moment you step off of the metro.  It’s hard not to fall in love.

There’s the smell of fresh croissants spilling out of the patisseries. The immaculately dressed Parisians sitting outside busy bistros with plates of steak frites and pitchers of wine at lunch. The innocent flirtations.

The way the light hits the Seine first thing in the morning and as the sun sets at night. Like any love affair it can also leave you feeling lost and overwhelmed.

Where do you begin? How do you avoid getting lost in herds of other tourists? How do you get your rude waiter to smile at you? How do you order your apéritif with a certain je ne sais pas quoi at Café Flore? I wrote this book so that I can lead you through Paris like an old friend. This city and I go back many years and I want you to experience the best of it.

This book is written by one young woman, but is for men or women of all ages with a zest for life.

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